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Professional seminars in the field of yoga are intended for certified instructors and yoga aficionados as a form of additional knowledge aimed at a specific specialty field that the yoga instructor will be engaged in. All professionally qualified yoga instructors will also be entered into the Yoga Federation of Europe register, which oversees the quality of their work and provides constant assistance concerning quality implementation of programs learned.

As soon as the group of participants has been established, applicants will be informed about the exact seminar schedule. All professional seminars are being held on weekends.

Interested parties should register via e-mail:

This year the following specialist professional seminars for additional education are being organized:

1. Corporate yoga – Yoga in the work environment
2. Family Yoga for Children and Adults
3. Kundalini yoga
4. Yoga for Healthy Aging
5. Art Yoga  
6. Raja yoga
7. Nada yoga 
8. Swara yoga 
9. Yoga Meditation
10. Yoga for athletes preparation
11. Kirtan yoga
12. Yoga for Artists
13. Sanskrit for Yoga Practitioners 
14. Yoga Therapy – Energotherapy 
15. The Hormonal Balance Yoga Teacher Training (HBY)

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