Kirtan represent the ancient way of meditation through music and song. Kirtans are “inner communication” of a sort, soaked in deep emotion connecting us to the deepest messages of our mysterious inner being. Music moves in intimate ways – without obstacles toward “the core of our being”. Kirtan dives into the deep and reveals the most secret beauties of our inner being. Love, joy, excitement… appear as answers.

The Kirtan Yoga seminar is intended for yoga instructors which perceive the love for music as a medium for helping to improve themselves and their practitioners.

The goal of the seminar is to teach yoga instructors about the knowledge and experience concerning the secrets of kirtan singing and ways of its application when working with practitioners. 

Result: Instructors that finish the Kirtan Yoga seminar successfully gain the proficiency to conduct kirtan yoga lessons in their individual and group work. It is desirable for applicants to have a developed sense of love for music and experience in playing at least one instrument.

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Applications will be received until group is complete. The number of available places in the group is limited.

As soon as the group is formed, time and place of the event will be forwarded to all applicants.

The seminar will be held on weekends.

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