Applicats of the Yoga Therapy – Energotherapy seminar learn about the dimensions of yoga connected with energy and the way this can be used in practice. The seminar deals with the usage of vital force (prana) in prevention, diagnostics and the therapy/post-therapy processes.
Applicants are taught how to establish energy balance through yoga methods.
The Yoga Therapy – Energotherapy additional training seminar is conducted under the expert guidance of: Prof. Predrag K. Nikic.

Result: Yoga instructors adopt the greatest yoga secrets concerning the management of all kinds of energies (prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana). This will raise their level of experience and expertise when working with energy.

yoga therapy - energotherapy

Applications will be received until group is complete. The number of available places in the group is limited.

As soon as the group is formed, time and place of the event will be forwarded to all applicants.

The seminar will be held on weekends.

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Get additional information via phone/Viber: +420 773 691 858

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