Intensive one-month Yoga Teacher Training 200h

European House of Yoga Light, August 2024


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Accredited Yoga Teacher Training 200 h

Internationally recognized certificate – ERYT

Intensive one-month training at the European House of Yoga Light

This training takes place once a year in the summer months, this year in August (12 – 28 August 2024).
The training lasts for 25 days (full-day program), divided into 17 days with a stay in the environment of the ashram of the European House of Yoga Light and 8 days of preparation for the final exam

The training meets international standards and, along with additional modules, counts towards the “Registered Yoga Teacher” within the Yoga Federation of Europe (ERYT – 200 & 550 h).

Successful graduates receive a certificate, a necessity for obtaining a business license for the tied profession of Yoga Instructor in all countries worldwide.

Mentorship Support

A personal yoga mentor and collaborators accompany the individual development of participants, introducing them to daily sadhana (program) of additional yoga techniques when necessary, ensuring a more intensive acquisition of knowledge, experiences, and yoga skills while respecting the uniqueness of each participant.

Participants engage in a full day of yoga practice in an environment rich in regenerative energy. They sleep in rooms and utilize a learning space illuminated by the energies of dedicated yogis’ development.

In the tranquility of a beautiful natural setting within a protected area, next to a spring of water, at an altitude that aids in the renewal of blood cells, awakened by the song of birds and the freshness of oxygen-rich air, students of the Yoga Academy acquaint themselves with the greatest secrets of foundational yoga, guided by steps leading them toward inner freedom (moksha) – acknowledging the racial, gender, and religious diversities of each participant.

Transformational Course

The intensive training course is transformational. Participants successfully dissolve energetic “blocks,” altering their perception of life. Life can be viewed one-dimensionally. However, by discovering new perspectives (discourses) – daily challenges can be seen “from above” – from a higher level of consciousness, increasing our understanding, wisdom, tolerance, and readiness to make developmental decisions.

Scalar Training

The intensive course is scalar, i.e., multi-level, with mentorship and daily support from an international yoga teacher at the European House of Yoga Light. The participant doesn’t just learn the theory of yoga; they daily practice yoga, living what they learn.  They learn directly from the teacher how to direct the knowledge of yoga towards realizing their potential. Under the supervision of mentors and collaborators, the participant focuses on yoga practice and enriching their daily life. The academic orientation of the training emphasizes yoga in the function of an integrated, meaningful, and happy life.

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