Yoga for athletes preparation    Yoga is beneficial when incorporated into the training of various sport disciplines with the purpose of achieving optimal, top results. Most of the famous top athletes have a yoga instructor/teacher in their team, which gives support by providing them with needed yoga methods and techniques. When getting ready for a critical match or event, most trainer teams include a proficient yoga instructor/teacher, ready to contribute to the team/athlete with professional support.

During the Yoga for Specific Sport Training seminar instructors acquire knowledge and technique enabling them to provide assistance to sports instructors and coaches.

Result: Yoga instructors gain the proficiency to help with:

  • increasing the concentration of the athlete (increase shot precision, jump, movement… focus …)
  • speeding up energy rejuvenation
  • speeding up muscle group relaxation
  • muscle stretching efficiency
  • increasing motivation
  • improving team work capabilities
  • speeding up correct decision making under pressure
  • speeding up emotional response…

yoga for athletes

Applications will be received until group is complete. The number of available places in the group is limited.

As soon as the group is formed, time and place of the event will be forwarded to all applicants.

The seminar will be held on weekends.

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Get additional information via phone/Viber: +420 773 691 858

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