Hormonal Balance Yoga

The Hormonal Balance Yoga Teacher Training (HBY)

The training includes 5 modules

The Hormonal Balance Yoga Teacher Training, accredited by the Yoga Federation of Europe, is led by experts from the International Yoga Academy PN.

The training includes 5 professional modules divided into theory lessons, practice, energy support, tests and a final exam.

The training takes place live via the Zoom platform.

Initiation, recapitulation and final exam take place face-to-face in the presence of the Master.

Participants will get all the necessary materials needed to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as an internationally recognized certificate.


The professional seminar “Hormonal Balance Yoga ” is organized as intensive training, which includes theoretical and methodological foundations and practical adoption of the protocol.

At the end of the training, participants will obtain a certificate in Czech and English – an internationally recognized certificate that can be used to conduct the “Hormonal Balance Yoga” program in all countries of the world.

By completing the seminar, the participants will acquire the abilities and skills to apply “Hormonal Balance Yoga” in the work with their practitioners, which is confirmed by the Certificate of Completion of the training.


“Hormonal Balance Yoga” helps strengthen immunity and rejuvenates the body.

Hormonal Balance Yoga for women and men helps harmonize the glandular system with internal secretion (endocrine organs). Participants learn a dynamic set of techniques organized into a series of yoga asanas (postures), which are complemented by dedicated breathing techniques (pranayama), dharana (concentration), meditation and contemplation (dhyana). HBY lesson consists of exercises to stimulate the proper functioning of endocrine glands and yoga techniques aimed at removing energy blockages in the area of the entire musculoskeletal system.

The HBY series supports the harmonization of the hormonal system, which helps to establish optimal health. In addition, it is very important to refer practitioners who have doubts about health problems to constant contact with their doctor.

Part of the series creates prerequisites for normal “pulsation” – the movement of prana (energy) through vital channels (nadi), breaking down energy blockages. The second part harmonizes the activity of energy centers (chakras). The third part helps to eliminate physical problems arising at the level of the psyche.

The “Hormonal Balance Yoga” series is designed to take a holistic approach to practitioners. The effects of practicing the hormone balance yoga series are visible on all levels: energetic, physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual.

Applications are submitted until places are filled by e-mail: yoga.yfe@gmail.com

The seminar can also be held at your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.

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