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Yoga – Life is a dance – Cosmic Dance

Yoga - Life is a dance - Cosmic Dance Bearing in mind the importance of movement and the primordial inclination towards the harmony and rhythm of music, this year's yoga retreat is thematically oriented towards the developmental dimensions of dance. Body movements encourage energy pulsation and strengthen the energy field. Movement releases blocked emotions [...]

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Family Yoga for Children and Adults

Yoga for the whole family with children Those who wish to spend an active yoga vacation with their family members (children, grandmother or grandfather, aunt...) have the opportunity to participate in yoga activities specially created for this occasion. Educational and entertaining activities: • yoga classes for children • joint yoga classes for children [...]

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Kirtan Yoga

Kirtan Yoga Camp Fans of yoga and kirtan (songs, music, rhythm) will enjoy transformational content together, creating prerequisites for their own development. Yoga and kirtans Kirtans are part of the traditions of Indian people (Vedas, Sikhism, Bhakti). Because of their effectiveness, they are now widespread and associated with many styles of yoga. Modern approaches [...]

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