Yoga for the whole family with children

Those who wish to spend an active yoga vacation with their family members (children, grandmother or grandfather, aunt…) have the opportunity to participate in yoga activities specially created for this occasion.

Educational and entertaining activities:
• yoga classes for children
• joint yoga classes for children and adults
(parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, guardians)
• a program for adults (parents or guardians) intended to inform about the application of yoga in everyday family activities to support children’s development
• yoga dance workshops
• participation of children in morning
meditative walks and in evening kirtan workshops
• preparation of children’s performances for the yoga camp closure


To strengthen the quality of relationships with family members and children

Yoga exercises with entertaining games encourage the development of children’s sensibility for creative expression.

In addition to fun yoga content for children, the yoga camp provides an opportunity for parents to follow the process of change that occurs in their child, i.e. how the application of yoga pedagogy methods in individual work can contribute to:

  • correct posture, encouraging children’s motor skills
  • easier acquiring of knowledge
  • acquiring the necessary social skills
  • development of values
  • strengthening self-esteem and personal capacities
  • strengthening concentration and attention
  • freedom of creative expression

Yoga classes for children are carefully designed in accordance with the age and developmental needs of children, with creative methods and pedagogical work. Classes support the overall development of the child.

With joy everything is achieved

With the professional guidance of experts, focus of the yoga retreat content is on child development, applying yoga method through an individual approach.

  • family-yoga-retreat-for-children-and-adults
  • family-yoga-retreat-for-children-and-adults

Yoga camp for parents or guardians

Adult family members will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Yoga spiritual dance
  • Yoga for advanced and beginners (yoga devotees)
  • Energy-regenerative yoga sessions
  • Siddhi & Siddha yoga class &  Yoga for hormonal balance class
  • Nyasa Yoga & Kirtan Yoga

Based on their affinity, the participants will decide in which program they will participate.


Reception of participant applications will be open until the capacities are filled.

The seminar can also take place at your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.

We receive applications via email:

For more information on the conditions of participation and how to apply contact us on Tel/Viber/WhatsApp: +420 773 691 858


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