Kirtan Yoga Camp

Fans of yoga and kirtan (songs, music, rhythm) will enjoy transformational content together, creating prerequisites for their own development.

Yoga and kirtans

Kirtans are part of the traditions of Indian people (Vedas, Sikhism, Bhakti). Because of their effectiveness, they are now widespread and associated with many styles of yoga.

Modern approaches to yoga emphasize the vibrational transformational effect of performing kirtan.

Educational contents have been prepared for the participants, which approach the dimensions and scope of kirtan and their application in yoga practice.

For yoga practitioners, kirtans are an ancient way of meditation through music and song. Kirtans are a kind of “internal communication” filled with deep emotions that connects us with the deepest messages of our mysterious inwardness. Music moves through intimate paths – unrestrained towards the “Core” – “Center of Being” – “Essence”.

Kirtan dive into the depths and reveals the most mysterious beauties of our inner self. Love, joy, trill… appear as the answer.

Skilfully led by a Yoga Teacher, Kirtan purifies the energy field (koshas) of the participants, strengthens the energy status, helps to overcome mental and emotional obstacles (kleshas) and reach the “correct identification” – the inner self.

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The vibrational significance of the Kirtan Yoga Camp

The participants of the Kirtan yoga camp will get to know short musical forms (melody with text) made of words that primarily, in yoga, have vibrational significance. Kirtans are easy to remember because the lyrics and sentences are short. They are carefully composed vibrational syllables with the goal of achieving liberation from the “inner obstacles” (kleshas) that prevent the yoga practitioner from achieving inner freedom (moksha).

Effects of Kirtan Yoga Camp

Performing Kirtan, the participants will have the opportunity to become aware of the inner experiences: joy, bliss, love, unity, harmony and harmony with the environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to internalize human values through admiration: the experience of goodness, love, inner peace… they will initiate and express respect and gratitude for life…

By using the voice while performing Kirtan yoga, practitioners learn to express themselves emotionally, thus increasing their emotional capacity, freedom and repertoire of emotional responses. Singing kirtan helps the yoga practitioner to manage his/her own mood, to calm the mind – relieving it of various daily dilemmas and tensions, with the aim of reaching a state of inner peace. Ancient scriptures point to the energetic purifying effect of kirtan. For practitioners of yoga, kirtans are a means of self-improvement (raising higher levels of consciousness) because they enable awaking, understanding and use of internal energy potentials.

Due to the beneficial effect, Kirtans are used in yoga today primarily as a supplementary method for the development of higher states of consciousness, but also for therapeutic purposes.

For 3 days, participants will enjoy transformative yoga practice, kirtan music and the company of yoga devotees from all over the world.

The seminar can also take place at your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.

More detailed information, applications and reservations via e-mail:
or via mobile/viber: + 420 773 691 858.

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