Yoga – Life is a dance – Cosmic Dance

Bearing in mind the importance of movement and the primordial inclination towards the harmony and rhythm of music, this year’s yoga retreat is thematically oriented towards the developmental dimensions of dance. Body movements encourage energy pulsation and strengthen the energy field. Movement releases blocked emotions and calms the mind, leading us to primal peace and contentment. By letting go our limitations, we surrender to the joyous experience of freedom.

Participants will enjoy full-day yoga activities under the professional guidance of international professionals from the Yoga Federation of Europe.

The seminar can also be held in your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.


· Yoga spiritual dance

. Yoga for advanced and beginners (yoga aficionados)

· Energy-regenerative yoga sessions

·  “Siddhi & Siddha yoga class” & “Hormonal balance yoga class”

· Nyasa Yoga & Kirtan Yoga

· Prague sightseeing

Based on their affinity, the participants will decide in which program they will participate.

We ask participants who want to take part in regenerative sessions with the professor to emphasize this in the application.

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  • Mezinarodni jogovy retreat Svetelne kody Tala Caker 2022
  • yoga-retreat-cosmic-dance


We receive applications via email: 

For more information on the conditions of participation and how to apply contact us on Mobile/Viber/WhatsApp: +420 773 691 858

Pulsating powers of movement

Movement can connect us. Then the body is the bond between the earth and the energies of the Universe. Movement can also free us from blocked emotions. Then the psyche and the body are re-connected into unity. All the koshas (layers of the energy field) pulsate again freed from all obstacles (kleshas).

Properly performed – coordinated yoga movement and breath, accompanied by music and rhythm quickly restores the mind to balance.

With yoga movements accompanied by music and rhythm, we manage the movement of energies through all dimensions of our being: energetic, physical, emotional and cognitive, creative and spiritual.

Movement, breath, music and rhythm, properly instructed (with expert guidance) helps us to remember again the place of primordial bliss and peace.

Movement with a well-directed breath helps us to become aware of our limitations and by surrendering and accepting deepen our understanding of the unpredictable possibilities of the life wisdom. That’s how we gain the courage to be creative in everyday life, to bring lightness into our lives by cultivating the joy and experience of freedom.


Inexhaustible sources of creativity

Participants of the yoga camp will enjoy the movement with music and rhythm, reconnecting forgotten parts of themselves.

Dancing with yoga is a very intimate invitation from the core of our being to a joyful encounter.

The life path of each individual is a kind of yoga dance with a unique path, challenges, rhythm and harmony.

At the yoga camp, participants will experience the unique experience of intertwining individual harmonies, rhythms and movements, permeating with the vibration of the unity of the Universe.

Energy pulsation of the Universe

Participants of the “Cosmic Dance” yoga camp experience each workshop as a unique experience.

They can feel the “melting” of blockages and resistance to life and growth. We call it a transformational experience because the obstacle was transformed into the joy of accepting life and all its challenges. The participants internalise the understanding that the life “challenges” are lessons intended for our growth.

  • Mezinarodni joga tabor HRIT
  • Mezinarodni joga tabor HRIT

Participants of the “Cosmic Dance” Yoga Camp learn to be a conscious observer of all the processes that follow the movement during the dance.

The experts of the Yoga Federation of Europe instruct the participants to watch how they breathe, to follow the vibrations in different body sections, to follow the vibrational movements that occur in the energy centres (chakras) to “dissolve” blocked energy, to watch out emotions if they appear, to follow thoughts as the mind reaches the deepest depths of source peace. Performing the movement, they learn to understand that harmony (harmony of music, rhythm, breathing and movement) brings and keeps them in peace, joy and health.

It is beautiful to watch how the spasms caused by fears and worries are removed from the face, how the clumsy movement turns into a creative dance, how many unique individuals harmonize into a dance of unity – “Dance of the Universe”. A smile appears on their face, often a loud laugh is released from their heart. The forgotten and abandoned child who returned to the home of joy reappears on the faces. Tears of joy often appear in the eyes. After the yoga dance, their faces radiate confidence and openness towards life and other beings.

Yoga dance as an expression of love

During the dance yoga workshops, the participants of the yoga retreat realize how difficult it was to live with their fears arising from insecurity.

During days of dedicated involvement in the program, the yoga retreat participants enter a stable phase. Joy, trust and openness is a constant presence, and new energies of love and gratitude to life for the existence, appear on the faces.

With a yoga spiritual dance to the source of peace

The “Cosmic Dance” yoga camp introduces participants to yoga techniques that encourage inspiration. Expert guidance of meditation techniques, relaxation, concentration, and breathing techniques enables participants to gain insight into the pulsation of energies. The participants experience the connection of movement and energy pulsation, which we sometimes perceive as energy vibrations or waves.

Everything is energy in motion, thought and emotion and body movements.

We feel energy blockages as “stuck” in unwanted roles. Participation at a yoga retreat will help us regain confidence in ourselves, in life and our path. Participants of the yoga retreat learn that obstacles are an integral part of every individual “cosmic dance”. The only difference is that at the yoga retreat we learn how to transform obstacles in progress of the “movement”.

Yoga – the dance of life

Yoga dance teaches us to accept life with excitement and curiosity. Day by day, participants at the yoga retreat will evolve by freeing their movement in the “dance of life”.

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