Exclusively for artists and art appreciators

Artist as missionary

A regenerative program intended for those for whom art is a direction and life mission! Artists from different countries will be connected by the creative energy of yoga. The thousand-year tradition of yoga helps artists to be inspired, to apply new knowledge and integrate into their professional life and work.

The seminar can also be held in your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.

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  • yoga-retreat-for-artists
  • yoga-retreat-for-artists

The path to wholeness

Art appreciators will become familiar with foundations of yoga and the techniques needed to understand and develop their own physical, psychological, energetic, creative and spiritual potentials.

Mentors Guidance 

The seven-days full-day program is conducted by experts from the Yoga Federation of Europe. The expert team consists of doctors of science, yoga teachers with many decades of experience who nurture an academic approach to yoga.

Rewarding ourselves

At the yoga camp, artists will get to know their potentials even more deeply, with the essence of the creative process and the creative power to act.

By respecting the principle of voluntariness – by respecting free will, the participant chooses the contents in which he/she will participate and how much.

What artists can learn and gain at yoga retreat:

– the ability to permeate a creative work with consciousness, creating preconditions for the observer/listener and the observed/heard to meet, to meet the creator and the created… Yoga provides the opportunity to gain deep experiences, but also the ability to direct them into further creative processes…

– willingness to manage the ways in which the personality is reflected in the work. “When we are aligned with the creative forces of the universe, through us it flows… then we are the extended hand of the creator. We are a grateful accomplice to the creative outpouring.” In order to achieve that, we need preparation in which yoga has something to teach us. Knowledge from the yoga field helps us to dissolve the ego obstacles that disturb the “emergence of the creative light”…

– the ability to manage the dimensions of the aesthetic experience: the motivational dimension – which enchants (fascinates), the cognitive dimension – which includes the symbolic, most often inexpressible meaning, and the affective dimension – which includes enjoyment – the experience of a unique exceptionalities. Yoga also teaches us to understand that our existence is also a work of art…

– the ability to see everyday life as an artistic scene, and objects of daily use and nature as a creative work, but only when they transcend their pragmatic function…

– willingness to strengthen their psycho-motor skills; increase resilience to stress; to prevent injuries and illnesses encouraged with an active and responsible attitude towards one’s health…

– the ability to increase the quality of artistic expression…

– new discourses in the understanding of creative creation and expression…

– skills of energetic – non-verbal communication with the audience…

– the ability to increase the repertoire, methods and techniques aimed at independent artistic activity…

– the ability to strengthen their artistic individuality…

It is clear to the participants that yoga offers endless possibilities for which adoption takes more time, but they understand that no one will

take the first step instead of them. We’ll never know how high it can go helicopter if we don’t get into it.

  • yoga-retreat-for-artists
  • yoga-retreat-for-artists
  • yoga-retreat-for-artists

Yoga and creative flow

Yoga practice offers its answer to the topic of creativity and outcomes of creativity.

For a yoga practitioner, artistic creation is not the result of deprivation of basic needs and urges of artists. Yoga does not confirm the point of view that works of art arise from frustration, i.e. dissatisfied needs that allow the individual to avoid inappropriate behaviour by choosing to fantasize and imagine. Sources of imagination or fantasizes appear to yoga practitioners as inexhaustible oceans of freedom in which the individual always has the opportunity to choose… Yoga teaches us that artists participate in the creation of their dreams and in that way, they affect the environment.

Contents of the Yoga for Artists program

Artists and art appreciators learn physical positions (asanas), breathing techniques for the purpose of in health (pranayama), concentration improvement techniques (dharana), relaxation (pratyahara) and meditation (dhyana), reaching creative depth.

Music artists can consult with the mentor about the use of yoga techniques that help in learning art repertoire. Specific yoga techniques are used for the purpose of technical and musical mastery of the instrument; in overcoming interpretive problems; in overcoming problems which arise during public performance…

If you are an artist (musical, theatre, film…) or a fan of art, seeker of artistic truth, participation in this camp is real address.

Due to the great interest, we suggest you reserve your participation in advance.

Info: yoga.yfe@gmail.com, +420 773 922 790, Viber/WhatsApp +420 773 691 858

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