A unique experience – Yoga Camp with your dogs

This is the unique opportunity to join yoga camp with your pets – this year again with your dogs!

Enjoy a yoga practice with your  canine pets and yoga practitioners from all over the world.

This experience is relaxing and healing for animal lovers, but also for your pets.

Participants will learn about the energy centers of dogs, how to support their health and even better communication and coexistence.
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Yoga with animals

Yoga with pets is a style of yoga in which animals practice together with members of their human family, in a beautiful ambient of nature. Yoga recommends living in harmony, ie. in coexistence with all beings.

Yoga camp with animals is an opportunity for self-development with love, respect, affection and coexistence.

The pulsation of your pets’ chakras

Participants of the yoga camp learn to combine energy, massage and meditation techniques, along with very moderate stretching of practitioners and animals.

You will learn about the energy field (koshas) and the activities of your pet’s energy centers (chakras). You will learn the codes of energy purification and removal of obstacles (energy blockages) that interrupt the normal energy flow through the chakras (centers) and energy channels.

You will learn about the benefits of energy exchange and healing of the tala chakras.

The presence of a pets while practicing yoga can help you more easily amortize stress or reduce anxiety, it can help you normalize blood pressure, normalize cholesterol in some cases and reduce pain. When you have a dog as a pet, you know that it is desirable to find activities that you can do together.


Yoga and your pets

We already know that having pets by our side while we practice yoga techniques has a positive effect on their health.

You will learn how to achieve better energetic, non-verbal communication with your pet and deepen the relationship of trust, understanding and acceptance.

At the yoga camp, participants learn how to create an energetic ambient so pet can join in while you perform certain asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Some dogs with ease imitate their owners. An important principle of yoga should always be kept in mind: do not force anything and always be gentle with your pets.

Coexistence comes from mutual acceptance and respect, and that takes some time.

You will learn that your dogs, too, relax in your energy field during the meditation you perform while sitting quietly on the mat. You will learn to enjoy the present moment while having fun and socializing with dogs and other participants who are also in love with their pets.

At the yoga camp, you will learn how to achieve energetic, emotional, thought and creative synchronization – togetherness – essential coexistence between you and your pets; you will learn how to encourage energy pulsation points (chakras) in your pet; how to stimulate the tala centers (chakras) to strengthen vitality and quality of your coexistence.

Many are confused when they hear our words – that we love our pets. You should not be ashamed.

It’s not just a word, it’s real love that your pet feels too. Let’s admit it to ourselves – our pet is a member of our family for whom we cherish love and respect…and this will be strengthened even more at the yoga retreat.

The family as an energy system

The decision to make your life focused on development; it will energetically affect all those who are in contact with you. Both friends and close relatives are part of our larger energy system. However, we feel the strongest connection with our family members (partner, parents, children), among whom are very often our pets (animals) too.

Any change that occurs in some element of the energy system produces an effect on the entire system. Our decision to constantly evolve, and concrete steps to make it happen, will bring vitality to the entire system.

Improving your health will be healing for your family members as well. The ability to manage energies, emotions, thoughts and behaviour will make you a healing light of goodness that will light the way for your family including pets. Let’s never forget – animals (pets) are part of our closest family.

Practicing yoga techniques will strengthen the energy connection between you and your family members, including pets. The resonance of your growing self-confidence resulting from practicing yoga will effect on afraid pets to feel protected, and restless pets fell safe and relaxed.

Pets as Yoga Teachers

Pets show extraordinary trust and affection. They can be great Teachers – if we can read the messages that come to us.

They teach us to show tenderness

They will constantly try to get your attention. For example, dogs or cats can remind us that emotions and tenderness can be expressed with a cuddling movement. They remind us that other family members also expect it, but they don’t know how to ask for it. They remind us that we also have this basic need.

They remind us that we can still play

Playing with pets, we express joy and love that we have also forgotten. Our beautiful pets remind us that life is a beautiful game and that playing with them we nurture our “inner child” – who is eager for joyful play.

They remind us of the necessary closeness

Among our family members, we sometimes achieve the greatest closeness with animals – pets.

One of our yoga instructor said: “When I come home tired from work, the only one that happily meets me is a dog. I look at his tail, which indicates natural, sincere joy, and I wonder how we all forgot about such an important activity.”

Pets remind us of forgotten values: warmth, joy, affection, the need for tenderness, physical activity, the need for daily contact with nature, moderation in nutrition…

Yoga practitioners know that many asanas – postures in yoga, are inspired by animals. Among them is the position called “dog”. Some of them are called cat, pigeon and crocodile. Moderate, conscious movements are not only beneficial for humans, but also for four-legged family members.


Yoga for pets

In yoga classes, there is no question of the animal’s participation in performing asanas, because your pet will not be able to perform every yoga position with you.

Yoga retreat participants can practice yoga techniques while relaxing and meditating in the presence of their pets.

While you are being instructed on proper yoga postures, breathing techniques, concentration or meditation, pets can climb on you or move around you.

Practicing yoga, meditative yoga walks and breathing techniques (pranayama) activation of tala centers are activities that will make it easier for dogs to socialize and initiate pleasantness. As you breathe in clean air enriched with a higher concentration of oxygen, drink healing spring water and practice body movements synchronized with the breath, regeneration and transformation occur. In the company of yoga like-minded people and pets you love, you will surrender to the present moment, place, time, space and beneficial meditation.

Practicing yoga at the camp takes place in nature outdoors, but some classes are also held in a hall – a closed space. When the class takes place in a closed space, it can cause confusion in dogs for a moment – due to the territorial instinct of dogs, however, as you introduce yourself to a state of relaxation and renewal, you resonate with the energy that pet dogs feel.

The mantras we chant have a calming effect on pet dogs

At the yoga camp, participants enjoy free time with lots of fun with their pet. However, the participants highlight acquaintances with other participants and their pets as an extremely important experience. At the yoga retreat you have opportunities to share your opinions, experiences, dilemmas, understanding and support.


The seminar can also take place at your place. The maximum number of participants is 10. More detailed information, applications and reservations via e-mail: yoga.yfe@gmail.com or via mobile/viber: + 420 773 691 858

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