Yoga to regeneration – Yoga 50 plus

After retirement or already around 50 years of life, many people remember the beneficial effects of practicing yoga. The reason is often accumulated health problems or the concern of family members who persuade them to start with yoga.

When is the right time to start with yoga practice?

Those who have started practicing yoga exercises know the answer. The answer is simple – every moment is right.

Every year of life we are in is the best year of our life when we dedicate ourselves to health and finding wisdom and joy of life.

People’s first thought when aging is mentioned is poor mobility, instability due to weak muscles and unprepared joints. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Aging does not have to mean that we immediately have health issues.

One of the ways to care for our health over the years is to practice yoga designed for population over 50 years old.

To take responsibility for our health

After 50 years of life, it is easier to see the true-life priorities. The children have already become independent, new young workers have come at work place and we have more and more time for ourselves.

Until the age of 50, we believed that doctors should take care of our health. Now we realize that it is our priority responsibility – taking care of our own health. Now we can’t look for excuses that we don’t have time, that we need to support children become independent, that we fail due to obligations at the workplace. Now is the right time to dedicate ourselves to adopting healthy lifestyle habits – a healthy lifestyle.

Fulfilling family and business aims, life did not stop. “When one door closes, another one has been opened somewhere, you just have to look for it.” New “doors” open endless space of joy. On the door is written: “Nurture your potentials”.

How to achieve daily care?

How to regain vitality? At the Yoga camp 50+, the experts will help you to increase the mobility of your body, to learn proper breathing techniques that enable greater blood flow to the vital organs.

Seniors are especially happy when they learn forms of personal daily care at the yoga camp: care of the body, care of their emotions, care of mental processes, care of authentic creativity.

It is an opportunity to regain confidence in the strength of one’s being, to regenerate the being, restore vitality and strengthen muscles, improve balance and posture. Experts of the Yoga Federation of Europe instruct the participants who are on medical therapy that it should not be interrupted and that it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Participation in the Regenerative Yoga Camp 50+ is an opportunity to slowly, gradually and safely create the desired effects under the supervision of experts.

Mentoring support 

  • Perform all techniques without effort, moderately, not to exhaust the body beyond the limits of comfort;
  • Perform yoga techniques and positions easily, even if you are not a beginner;
  • Yoga positions (asanas) during performance should be adapted to the current potentials (a chair can be used as an aid);
  • Wear leisure wear;
  • Always have a water bottle with you;
  • Consult your doctor before coming to the yoga camp;
  • Upon arrival at the yoga camp, consult with the yoga teacher before start of your yoga practice.

Yoga supports vitality and development

Participants of the Regenerative Yoga Camp 50+ after the yoga classes happily declare that their pain in the spinal column has decreased, and for some, it has completely disappeared; that they can breathe fully again, that their memory and concentration have improved.

All these developmental victories are accompanied by feelings of joy, fulfillment and happiness.

“Every year of life that we are in – is the best year of life to dedicate ourselves to health and finding wisdom and joy of life.”

  • Joga – 50 plus


Participants will practice and learn:

  • effortless and pleasant physical yoga exercises with the supervision of a yoga expert;
  • yoga breathing techniques that increase the vital capacity of the lungs and the blood supply to each body region;
  • yoga techniques that enhance the ability to maintain balance;
  • yoga techniques that increase concentration and improve memory;
  • yoga techniques that encourage creative expression.

In a pleasant environment, all exercises are performed within the limits of pleasantness and with a smile and joy.

The regenerative program is accompanied by proper nutrition and pleasant exercises to improve concentration.

Participants participate in regenerative content “as much as they like”.

The regenerative benefits of yoga

Participants of the Regenerative Yoga Camp 50+ will feel increased strength in their muscles and greater mobility of their joints.

Participants, especially women suffering from osteoarthritis, appreciate the effects of practicing regenerative yoga program.

Research indicates that practicing healing yoga techniques contributes to blood pressure regulation, contributes to hypertension reduction, and alleviates the level of anxiety.

There are more and more participants of the regenerative yoga programme who, after performing yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), have increased the vital capacity of their lungs.

Participants of the Regenerative Yoga Camp 50+ report an improvement in their mental health and mental clarity. Yoga has proven to be an excellent method for alleviating depression, improving mood and overall mental health.

Research results indicate that healing yoga most often contributes to:

  • improvement of health and overall quality of life;
  • improved  physical and mental vitality;
  • increased in muscle strength;
  • increased leg flexibility;
  • increased mobility;
  • increased ability to maintain balance;
  • improved concentration, memory and other cognitive functions;
  • reduction of sleep problems;
  • alleviation of depression;
  • reduce of anxiety.

Any person who wants to recover with joy, fellowship and a smile can register for the Regenerative Yoga Camp 50+.

The seminar can also be held in your place. The minimum number of participants is 10.

For more information and reservations please contact us via e-mail

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