Advanced Training Courses for Yoga Teachers

The programs are designed for seekers who have a need to reach more.

We cannot provide participants with more than what we have, what we have internalized and gained as experience, knowledge, and skills.

Choose one of the advanced programs.


Raja Yoga Teacher

Golden Meditation Yoga Teacher

Energy Yoga Teacher

Yoga Coaching Teacher

Hormonal Balance Yoga Teacher

Gain an internationally recognised certificate, new experiences, knowledge, and skills.

Deepen your knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Learn how to enrich your yoga classes and make them even more interesting and effective for participants. You will delight existing participants with a new approach and knowledge and attract new participants.

You will learn how to recognize the causes of your challenges and how to manage outcomes.

Learn how to manage all dimensions of your being, with insight into your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Learn progressive yoga methods to connect with yourself at an even deeper level and discover or recognize where your core (inner Teacher) is guiding you through experiences.

Learn to work on overcoming the root causes of problems rather than just treating symptoms.

The program is conducted under the mentorship of international yoga experts.

For more information about the advanced course please send your request via email: