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Yoga for artists and art appreciators

Exclusively for artists and art appreciators Artist as missionary A regenerative program intended for those for whom art is a direction and life mission! Artists from different countries will be connected by the creative energy of yoga. The thousand-year tradition of yoga helps artists to be inspired, to apply new knowledge and integrate into [...]

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Yoga transformative weekend

Yoga transformative weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Due to the high interest resulting from the need for personal consultations and direct support, a place on the transformative yoga weekend must be reserved several months in advance. It is intended for individuals who want personal renewal within a program in a healing natural environment. In [...]

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Yoga with animals

A unique experience - Yoga Camp with your dogs This is the first and unique opportunity to be with your pets - this year with your dog! Enjoy a yoga practice with your  canine pets and yoga practitioners from all over the world. This experience is relaxing and healing for animal lovers, but also [...]

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Scalar Yoga Retreat – Maldives 2020

SCALAR YOGA RETREAT - MALDIVES 2020 – YOGA - VACATION – SEA 15 - 21. 2. 2020 The Scalar Yoga Retreat - Maldives 2020 took place in the oasis of beautiful and magical nature in the paradise on the Earth – the Maldives...Yoga teachers and aficionados from all around the world shared unforgettable moments, [...]

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What is a Yoga Retreat?

What is a Yoga Retreat? The word ‘’retreat’’ has become common in the yoga community and it represents the decision to withdraw temporarily from the everyday life; it is the act of stepping away from the "pattern" of everyday living; it means departure from all the challenges which prevent us from regaining internal peace. [...]

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International Yoga Camp “Hrit”

YOGA FEDERATION OF EUROPE INVITES YOU TO THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA CAMP "HRIT" 2019 Place: magical ambient of Küstendorf Date: 14 - 20th August 2019 Yoga Camp includes intense yoga practice and evening kirtan meditation with the musical support of Kirtan group Samadhi. Professional summer yoga camp will be conducted under the guidance of yoga [...]

Yoga Retreat – Palma de Mallorca 2018

Yoga Retreat - Palme de Mallorca 2018 took place in an oasis of beautiful and unforgettable nature in the presence of yoga aficionados from all around the world. The Yoga Retreat includes: yoga satsangs and Yoga Master’s initiation, yoga asanas, pranayama, mudras, meditation, energetic detox, meditative strolls at the beaches of Palma de Mallorca. [...]

Yoga Retreat: The Light of Yoga – Palma de Mallorca

YOGA RETREAT: THE LIGHT OF YOGA YOGA FEDERATION OF EUROPE INVITES YOU TO "YOGA DETOX HOLIDAYS" IN SPAIN - PALMA DE MALLORCA YOGA - VACATION - SEA 24th June - 3rd July, 2018 The Yoga Retreat The Light of Yoga will take place in an oasis of beautiful and unforgettable nature in the presence of yoga [...]

International Yoga Retreat Vibhuti 2017

International Yoga Retreat Vibhuti 2017 was held on July 22-28, 2017 in Kustendorf in the organisation of the Yoga Federation of Europe. Yoga retreat included intense yoga practice (asanas, pranayama, kriya techniques, mudras, bandhas, dharana, dhyana, ekagrata), morning meditative strolls and evening kirtan meditation with musical support of the Kirtan Group Samadhi. The aim of [...]

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